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Design | Apr. 6, 2016

10 Church Websites We Love

church websites we love

Our team has scoured the internet and come up with 10 of our favorite church websites. We’ve tried to incorporate a range of sizes and locations across the U.S. We hope this list gives you a little boost of creativity if you’re considering a redesign yourself.

NewSpring Church, SC

They keep the website super easy to scroll through, making it easy to see what’s going on. Even though there are 19 campuses and a million things they could show on the homepage, they choose to keep it simple. We like this.

Traders Point Christian Church, IN

The first thing you see is an image from one of their services followed by a way for potential visitors to learn more. They designed their page with a visitor in mind. More churches should do this. Nice work, Traders Point!

Keystone Church, PA

It’s bright and has fun graphics and creative interaction. This may be the only church we’ve seen that lets you vote for the next sermon series. Hats off to you, Keystone Church!

3trees Church, PA

This church’s website tells its story well. It is easy to see why they exist (because everyone needs Jesus), as well as get a feel for their culture just by visiting their site. Love this.

First Baptist Church, New Orleans
FBC New Orleans recently launched this new website, and we are big fans. The video on the homepage makes us want to jump in our cars and drive to New Orleans to visit. This website shows that you can keep “Baptist” in your name and still be relevant to the community. Props to Nathan at FBC New Orleans for putting together a great new website.

Gateway Church, TX

Gateway has 6 campuses, which means that a lot of information needs to be clearly communicated. This website is so organized, we can’t help but love it. Want to watch a sermon, find the closest campus to you, or see upcoming events? No problem; this website makes it easy to do all of that without pulling your hair out. Thank you, Gateway Church.

Vintage City, NC
This is a young church in North Carolina with a small staff. Even so, they were able to put together a beautiful website. They keep it simple yet unique to their church’s personality, which is easier said than done. The best part? You don’t have to dig to find where they are located, which makes this website great for potential visitors. Kudos, Vintage City!

Community Bible Church, TX
What we love about this website (apart from the design, because we like that a lot too) is the way it uses stories from members. Instead of church staff explaining who they are as a church, they allow their members to do it. This speaks volumes to people who are considering a visit. Good job, Community Bible Church.

LeadChurch, TX

This website is very simple, which is very important in a world of 14-second-long attention spans. You can meet the pastor and find their meeting location on the homepage. Want to learn more? No problem, because the navigation is clean and easy to use. This site is intuitive, pretty, and clearly communicates who the church is. Awesome job.

12th Street Baptist Church, AL

First, the website is just nice to look at. But what we really like are the awesome staff pictures. The staff looks so nice and welcoming, and as a potential guest, I would have a really good feeling about trying this church out on a Sunday. Plus, the site is super-focused on reaching potential guests and makes it easy for them to learn more before they visit. For these reasons, we just had to share this website.

There are so many more. Know of a great church website that isn’t on this list? Please share in the Comments section.

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design