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Design | Jun. 18, 2014

3 Characteristics of Really Bad Bulletins

Bad Bulletins

Since a church bulletin may be the only thing that a visitor or member brings home after they leave church on Sundays, it needs to look good, right?


Here are 3 characteristics of a bad bulletin, because knowing what is bad can help you avoid it in your own bulletin design.

1. No Theme

Having random pictures or clip-art just dropped on your church bulletin somewhere to fill space just won’t work. Your church bulletin needs some type of theme. Instead of choosing random clipart, ¬†choose a branded look (your logo and colors) or make the theme centered around your current sermon series.

2. A Bad Layout

We see this a lot. Here is what I am talking about:

  • Not enough room to take notes in the sermon notes section
  • Incorrect bleeds, so parts of the bulletin are cut off during the printing process
  • Too much information spread across all pages of the bulletin
  • A welcome from the pastor on the back of your bulletin
  • Text printed in the folds

To avoid having a bad bulletin, you need to avoid these common layout mistakes.

3. Church Centered

If the focus of your bulletin is your weekly tithing totals and goals or information that makes no sense to visitors then your bulletin has failed. Don’t get me wrong, it is OK to have this information, but your bulletin needs to be designed around visitors, not members. So as you design your bulletin every week ask yourself, “Does this information make sense to our visitors?”

Want to learn how to make your bulletin visitor centered? Download this free guide. Also, if you want to see a few examples of pretty good bulletin designs, you can check some out here.

Think you have a good bulletin design? Send them over to us so we can share your designs. inquiry@d2design.com


Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
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    Great article and resources! Thanks!