Whether you like it or not, every piece of content you put on your church’s website needs to be great. This includes your staff bio page (if you have one). We’ve come up with four tips to help:

1. Use great pictures.
Find a photographer at your church, or hire one to take staff photos. It is worth the investment. Also, let your photos reflect who you really are as a church. It’s okay to have some fun with these (just try to not get super cheesy). The only thing you shouldn’t do is frown or look completely uninviting. Unfortunately, many churches post pictures in which the pastor looks anything but happy to be the pastor.

2. Keep it short.
Really, keep it really short. 80% of staff bios I come across are simply too long. Remove the favorite foods, soda, and childhood memories, and include info about the staff member’s role at the church and what they love about the church.

3. Provide contact info.
Visitors (and even members) need an easy way to contact church staff. Include email addresses and phone numbers for each staff member. If you are worried about sharing emails, include a contact form that people can submit instead.

4. Write for the visitors.
When crafting your staff bio page, it is important to keep things short but also write with first-time visitors in mind. What do they need to know about the pastor and team? What language should you use or avoid when addressing a first-time visitor or anyone who is unchurched? Really think this through.

These are simple but effective steps toward perfecting your church website. Think your church has a great staff page? Share the link in the comments section.