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Social Media, Technology | May. 17, 2012

Apps for Pastors on the Go

Apps for Pastors On The Go - Church Marketing

The more pastors I follow on Twitter, the more I’ve come to realize that the local coffee shop is where pastors and church planters get stuff done. This on-the-go lifestyle of pastors today leads many to rely on their iPhones and iPads to get work accomplished. Here are a few apps to help you make the most of your limited time.

Looking for the perfect quote to insert into your sermon or to Tweet out to your followers? This app is a great resource. It’s organized by categories to make the search easy on the user. Price – $0.99

2. Tweet Bot:
Sure, there are plenty of free Twitter apps out there. However, I got tired of Hootsuite asking me to rate it and only allowing me to read the 25 newest tweets. And the free Twitter app is just awful—you might as well go back and read tweets from Twitter.com (does anyone still do that?). TweetBot makes every good part of even having Twitter great again. The timeline is easy on the eyes, and TweetBot makes it simple to navigate between conversations, mentions, messages and lists. Price – $2.99

3. ESV Bible:
Or any version that you prefer. I recommend the ESV app because it is easy to search, mark favorite verses and make notes. And, it’s a free Bible you can take anywhere. Can’t beat that, right? Price – Free

4. Fighter Verse:
A great tool for Scripture memory. You can choose a verse by topic, or follow the app’s Scripture plan. Fighter Verse has quizzes and songs to assist in memorizing. If that’s not enough, you can even make the verse your screensaver with one click. Once you have completed the verse, you automatically get a new one to start working on. I know that I struggle at memorizing verses, so this app has been very helpful for me and some of my coworkers. Also, John Piper helped develop this, so it’s got to be good. Price – $2.99

5. Yelp:
Speaking of pastors on the go and working from unconventional offices, Yelp is a great app to find any restaurant or coffee shop wherever you are. You can check out reviews from other users and get the restaurant’s contact info for take-out, reservations or directions. Price – Free

6. Evernote:
Hands down one of the best apps out there for writing. You can download this application on all of your devices (even PC) and easily access blogs, sermons or notes you’ve written. You can organize your notes into notebooks and tag them for search-ability. Evernote even makes it very easy to share your notes to Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. Also, if your device crashes, no problem; everything is saved online so you never have to worry about losing information again. Price – Free
We recommend downloading Ron Edmondson’s eBook “A Guide to Evernote for Pastors

7. Spotify:
With the apps I’ve mentioned, you have a way to write, find coffee, memorize verses, manage your social media and read the Bible. So what’s left? You need music. With Spotify, you can listen to radio stations of your favorite artists, stream brand new albums (or old ones) and even build offline playlists for when you don’t have access to a network. So for the price you’d pay on itunes for a Chris Tomlin album, you can access millions of free songs, and do it legally. Price: Free for 30 days, then $9.99/month

What apps would you add to this list for pastors and church planters?

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
  • Thanks for sharing your favorite apps, Sarah. I’ve been on the hunt for a better Twitter tool so am looking forward to trying out TweetBot, as well as Fighter Verse for scripture memory.

    I’m still loving YouVersion as my go-to Bible app. Great to have instant access to all those versions within a single app.

    Voice Recorder (default app on Adroid phones) – nothing very elegant, but the audio quality is decent on my Droid Incredible 2, and it is helpful having a way to record voice memos, then share them (I often use it to email notes to myself that I dicate while on the go).

    GoFlex Media app for connecting to my portable Seagate GoFlex Satellite drive. It’s a great way to store, access and share up to 500 GB of content. A handy device & app to get me over the hump until data plans get cheaper, cloud services improve, and built-in storage options grow significantly.

    • Sarah


      Thanks for joining the conversation. I have also heard great feedback on YouVersion. If you try out TweetBot let us know how you like it.

  • YouVersion

  • Rich

    An excellent article.

    I would also recommend Easy WiFi for finding WiFi locations. I have been using MySword on my android devices which is very similar to the ESword product on the PC and Linux that I have used for years. They both have multiple Bible comparisons, commentaries, etc. One nice use of Evernote is that you can dictate notes by clicking the microphone instead of typing when the keyboard comes up. I also prefer Pandora for music, Pulse on Android for news, QuickOffice to create docs and pull files from my Google docs.


    • Sarah


      Great suggestions. Spotify also has a radio option which is similar to Pandora when it comes to selecting similar artists at random. Never heard of MySword, I’ll have to check that out.

  • Joey Watt

    Outreach Mobile from Striving Together is an excellent app for keeping track of soul winning and discipleship prospects.

  • directmail4churches.com

    Can I just say what a relief to find someone who especially knows what
    they’re talking about on the internet. I cant believe you’re not more
    popular because you definitely have the gift.

    • Sarah

      Thank you!

  • Sharvette

    Great list! I shared this on my Facebook page! I would add the Google Voice app. This would allow the Pastor to have a separate phone line or voice mail but use their current phone. It could be used for a pray line or special event line as well.

    • Sarah Blackmon

      I like that idea as well. I’ll make sure to add that to another list in the future. Thank you Sharvette!