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Leadership, Marketing | May. 31, 2017

Why is now the time to connect with your community? (+ limited time offer)

d2 design church marketing summer sale

On the surface, summer seems like the ideal time to relax and take a break. But you may not realize that summer also represents a greater opportunity to reach your community now than any other time of the year. It seems counterintuitive… For churches, summer time is marked by low engagement and low attendance. You may be feeling like people are tuned out, so why not pack up and come back in the fall? The truth is, the community is willing to engage with you in the summertime! But rather than just trying to attract Sunday morning visitors to keep numbers up, you actually have the chance to sow seeds that produce meaningful, long term relationships. Here are three reasons why this opportunity is before you right now:

Summer = Community Connection

While summer may not bring increased engagement among members and attenders at your church location, it is an ideal time to create new relationships within your community. Families are looking for ways to get out of the house and spend time together. They are looking for meaningful activities to plug their children into (like VBS!). Creating family-friendly events at your church offers ways to connect to new folks who are interested in not only getting to know you, but also meeting their neighbors as well. Maybe it’s a movie in the park, or impromptu block party, or BBQ and games for the kids, the summery options are endless!

Consider the season an opportunity to build your connection to the community you serve in an informal environment. When people attend events like this and meet people at your church, they are more likely to stay engaged and attend church in the future.

Summer = Change

Since families have more free time during the summer months, they will often take this time to move homes. To keep from interrupting the school schedule, many wait until the kids have summer break to make a move. It’s also less of a headache for working professionals to move during the sunny season because for most, the calendar is just not as demanding during these months. Also factor in that summer brings wedding season; many people get married and then immediately make a move to a new location to start their life together. While it seems that everyone is just relaxing during the summer, what is actually happening for many households is that they are getting things done that they can’t do any other time of the year.

What does this mean for churches? People in a life transition are more open to connecting with you. Psychologically, if we change one thing, we are more likely to change another. By moving locations, we are more likely to try a new church, buy a new car, or change up our routine. If you are planning to invest in community outreach, now’s the time.

Summer = Sales

Businesses are marking down inventory and running sales for Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day. We at d2 are jumping in line to offer churches a prime opportunity to get in on our new mover outreach program, ConnectFirst, at a HUGE discount. ConnectFirst is a marketing strategy to introduce your church to the summer new movers and folks looking to plug into your community events.

Start a 6- or 12-month ConnectFirst agreement by June 14, and we will take 10% off the price for 3 months (July, August, and September). Three prime summer months on sale!

Joel Townley President, d2design
Joel Townley Joel Townley President, d2design