Mashable is a great website. If you are in the marketing or advertising world, you should subscribe to their updates.

That being said, Mashable recently posted an article explaining 10 reasons why no one follows you on Twitter.

Check out the complete list here. Some of my personal favorites were:

  • You Send DM Spam
  • You Brag Too Much
  • You’re on Team #Followback

I think this list is close to perfect. However, I wanted to add a few other reasons why you could be losing Twitter followers:

1. You tweet the same thing over and over.

For example, maybe you are a church planter using Twitter. Instead of only promoting your brand new launch coming up in a few weeks, consider tweeting other content that your followers will find helpful. Mix it up a little.

2. You tweet too much about food and other boring stuff.

Before you press the send button on a tweet, think to yourself, “If I was reading this, would I care? Would this information help me out or entertain me?” If the answer is no, delete the tweet. Trust me, I’ve deleted many potential tweets after asking myself these same questions.

3. Your Twitter account matches your Facebook account

If a lot of your Twitter followers are also your Facebook friends, try not to overwhelm both accounts with the same status updates and pictures.

What would you add to the list?