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Leadership | Aug. 26, 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Communications Director

Church Communications Director

We’re in the business of helping churches communicate with the public, and we often work with communications departments and their directors. But what exactly does a church communications director do? We were curious ourselves, so we’ve put together a series to highlight a few different church communications directors. We hope that if you are one yourself, you’ll leave a comment letting us know what your role looks like. And if your church doesn’t have someone in this position but is considering it, hopefully this series will help you in your process.

Name: Chris Kinsley
Role: Communications Director
Church: The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL

What does your communications team look like? Is it all full-time staff or made up of volunteers?

We have 5 members on our communications team. Our full-time staff includes myself, an associate director, media director (video and graphics), and web coordinator (website, emails, and all social media). We also have a part-time resource coordinator.

How does a typical work week look for you and your team?

Our work week ranges from 5 to 6 days and really depends on what current projects we have. Every Monday, we have a staff meeting to go over everything that happened on Sunday and to forecast the upcoming week. It’s a time to get together as a team and make sure we are all on task to complete our weekly projects.

Describe your top 3 responsibilities as a communications director.

  1. I work with the pastors on planning our worship gatherings. We think through what needs to be communicated and then how to communicate it. We also think through things going on currently at our church and all of the prayer needs we need to present to our church body.
  2. I am also responsible for the art direction. I work with the staff and ministry leaders to find out what their design needs are, and then I communicate direction and feedback to our freelance graphic designers on design projects for our different ministries.
  3. A lot of my time each week is spent developing content for our web, emails, and bulletins. This is a big part of what I do.

What advice would you give churches who are considering hiring a communications director?

Communications is everything that we as a church are about. Sharing the Gospel requires telling people about Christ, and we need to be good communicators of that. Above marketing and promotions, a good communications team helps equip the church to be able to communicate the Gospel. Also, our lives are filled with noise and we are continually bombarded by messages from different outlets. Having a communications team or director to help your church clearly communicate its message through every form of media is important. Even if you can’t hire a full- or part-time staff member, try and assign this role to someone already on staff.

What is the strangest project you’ve been asked to do as a communications director?

Well, our team wanted to come up with a unique way to thank our church for giving sacrificially throughout the year. I actually came up with the idea to write every member a hand-written thank you note. To do this for a church of 4,500 members wasn’t going to be easy. I gathered the staff together, gave them post-it notes, and our team wrote “Thank You!” on thousands of notes and put them all over our lobby the next Sunday. My thought was to have our members each grab a post-it note and take it home, but to say the least, we cleaned up a lost of leftover paper the following Monday.

Do you use any software or apps to make your life easier at work?

Adobe Creative Suite is key for us. Also, our team uses Pinterest a lot to pin ideas. We have shared boards and follow each other’s ideas as well. Pinterest is a great, free tool that helps us organize our ideas in one place.

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design