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Featured, Marketing, More | Jun. 30, 2016

Reaching an Atheist through Church Direct Mail

church direct mail

Church marketing can be a hot topic. Some see marketing and church in conflict with one another. Others welcome the idea of using marketing and communications tools to reach more people. Honestly, we see truth in both sides of the argument, but today we simply want to share a recent story from one of our church clients.

A few months ago, a couple visited this particular church. When the pastor followed up with them, the husband shared more of his story. He was an atheist but had recently started to question a lot of things about life in general, and out of nowhere, he received a direct mail postcard from the church. He said the language and images on the card made him and his wife feel comfortable enough to actually take a bold step and visit the church to see what they were all about.

Don’t stop reading. It gets better.

So, after a few weeks of visiting and learning more about Christ and what it means to be a Christian, the husband turned to the Lord and started to prepare for baptism. He gave his life to Christ!

Later, we received an email from the pastor with a picture of this man being baptized. We were able to share in the joy of another salvation with our client!

Guys, this is real. This isn’t some made up, feel-good story. This is an example of how God can and will use any means to grow his kingdom. Even an 11×6 direct mail card.

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Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
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