Walter White. The good guy turned bad. The character who captured the attention of millions of viewers for years.

Did you get caught up in Breaking Bad as well? At first I was afraid to tell anyone about my love for the show because, well, it isn’t exactly family-friendly. So you can judge me if you wish, but I am one of the millions of people who learned to hate Walter White, came to love Jesse Pinkman, and would eat as Los Pollos if it were a real restaurant.

So considering all the drugs, murder, and scandal in Breaking Bad, would you find it effective or offensive for a pastor to use it, or any other show with a sketchy plot, as a sermon series theme?

Breaking Bad Sermon Series

I stumbled across a couple churches doing a Breaking Bad series and at first loved the idea. But then I thought, “Is it okay for the church to downplay such sinful shows to have a catchy sermon series?”

So here I am–a fan–not sure if I love this or hate this.

What are your thoughts on similar sermon series twists? Effective or offensive?