According to this infographic, 98% of people say that their churches use social media. This is what I get from this statistic:

1. Most churches now have a social media presence.

2. Most people who interact with churches on social media are their current members.

After browsing the internet trying to find statistics about how social media will actually grow your church (and spending more time than I really should have), I came up empty-handed.

Social media is a great tool for churches to keep their members in the know, but I am pretty confident when I say that it will not grow your church.

Here is why…

Unchurched people do not follow churches on Facebook.

To test this theory, I did a little research on my own. I visited 20 Facebook pages of friends who I know are unchurched (not atheists, just good people who don’t go to church).

Within the pages they “like,” absolutely none of them had a church listed. They had musicians, restaurants, local businesses, and even some nonprofits. But not a single church.

This left me with a few questions:

1. Are churches investing too much time and energy into social media sites like Facebook and calling it outreach?

2. Does having a presence on social media do anything at all for organic church growth and for reaching the unchurched?

3. How can churches utilize Facebook and other social media sites for the Great Commission?

I don’t have the answers to these questions but wanted to open them up for discussion. What are your thoughts?