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Marketing, Technology | Sep. 11, 2013

Free Media Resource For Churches

Free Media for Churches

Recently we were contacted by RiseUp Resources letting us know about a new free resource they have launched for churches.

RiseUp Resources is a website full of free media that churches can download to use for sermon series and promotions. Not a bad deal at all right? We always like the word free, so we wanted to share this with our readers.

Here is a little bit more about the new resource for churches and church planters directly from the source:

“Rise Up Resources was born out of a passion for church plants, church planters and graphic design. Church planters often have no clue how to plant a church or where to even start except for the fact that they were called to do so. We seek to provide free as well a cheap resources to help your church grow as well as provide resources for any churches that do not have the ability to do so themselves. RiseUp Resources was created to help support Church Plants but any church is free and welcome to take full advantage of the resources available here! At RiseUp Resources you will find complete sermon series packages containing series graphics, countdowns, intro videos, fonts and Instagram and Facebook promotional graphics. You will also find customizable Photoshop files to create your own graphics, announcement slides, promotional materials. RiseUp Resources is available for customizable resources if there is something specific you want that you can’t find on the website. We are also available for consulting and creative assistance. If you have any work or resources you would like to contribute to RiseUp Resources we are always looking for contributors!”

RiseUp Resources is owned and operated by Josh Jack Carl. Josh currently lives in Indianapolis, IN and has a passion for Church Planting and Graphic Design. If you would be interested in contacting @JoshJack about any frelance design work please visit JoshJackCarl.com
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design