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Design, Technology | Apr. 1, 2014

Why We Love and Hate Digital Church Bulletins

Why We Love And Hate Digital Bulletins

Last year I wrote a post about church bulletins and whether or not they’re still relevant. That post started a conversation among readers about why they still use (or don’t use) a bulletin at their church. I saw valid points from both parties. A few churches posted about using only digital bulletins.

Unfortunately, we recently switched our blog host and lost all of our comments in the process. So I wanted to go over some valid points that were made about digital bulletins, and why we here at d2design both love and hate them.

What We Love:

1. Budget-Friendly

Churches must be good stewards with the money God gives to them. What we love about digital bulletins is that they’re free (not counting the time invested). Any church looking to save money could easily switch to a digital bulletin and save a few hundred dollars a year, if not more.

2. Hip and Cool

The world is going digital, right? And churches who use digital bulletins are staying relevant and hip.

3. Eco-Friendly

Not only can digital bulletins save a church money, but they can also save trees. Being eco-friendly isn’t a bad thing.

What We Hate:

1. The Confusion

Have you ever tried to teach someone (of any age) who isn’t familiar with technology how to download something on a smartphone? It can get confusing and frustrating pretty quickly. We aren’t sure if a digital bulletin works for everyone.

2. The Distraction

If everyone has iPads or smartphones out during a church service, aren’t they going to see updates and notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flikr, Tumblr, etc.? Sometimes people need to just unplug.

3. The Empty-Handedness

How refreshing is it to get a real letter? Admit it—people still like getting mail. There is something we like about holding materials that are tangible. Same goes with bulletins. If churches get rid of them completely, then people are leaving the church empty-handed, with nothing on paper to refer to later. Digital is great, but people still love printed materials.

We see great things happening when churches combine both print and digital, especially with bulletins and church information.

But, as Jimmy Carter demonstrated recently, not everyone trusts the digital world and they choose to rely on letters and print instead. Got to love all types of people right?

So before your church makes the switch to 100% digital, we recommend considering the pros and cons. And think about asking your members what they prefer.

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design