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Leadership | Jul. 19, 2017

New Books on Leadership

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Let’s talk about two new books about leadership that should be on your shelf.

Leadership Mosaic
by Daniel Montgomery with Jared Kennedy

In their 2017 ECPA Ministry Resources book of the year, Montgomery and Kennedy make their case that the pursuit of growing as a leader can be a confusing journey. They state in the introduction, “Too often ministers are lost on the road of leadership.” Their assessment is that the problem is an oversimplification of leadership. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all leader; there are different types of leaders, each of which is crucial to the overall health of a church or organization. Rather than truncating leadership to a single mold, we would do better to view leadership as a more of a mosaic.

“Stop chasing simplistic and reductionistic leadership philosophies,” says Montgomery.

Montgomery and Kennedy first offer up their definition of leadership; namely, “Knowing where people need to go and taking the initiative to get them there in God’s way and by God’s power.” They go on to demonstrate how this definition requires not one single leader, but five distinct leadership personalities: convictional, creative, courageous, collaborative, and contemplative.

After laying out the strengths and potential weaknesses of each type of leader a chapter at a time, they conclude that “leadership, like a mosaic, hinges on our ability to hold together the one and the many. We need one purpose but many gifts.” In other words, leadership is fundamentally about working together, which requires humility. No one can do it alone. “We embrace our strengths as God’s gifts. We also embrace our weaknesses; they show us our need for others.”

The foundation for this approach to leadership is God himself. “God is one, God is three, and God is three in one–a diversity in unity. Leadership,” says Montgomery, “stands or falls with our ability to cling to and live out these beautiful truths.”

If you’ve read leadership books in the past and felt like you didn’t quite fit the mold, this book will be a breath of fresh air. It will help you identify your strengths and show you areas where you will need the help of others.

Designed To Lead
by Eric Geiger and Kevin Peck

Geiger and Peck surmise that the church is uniquely set apart by God to create leaders for all spheres of life. They explain, “The full extent of discipleship is the development of disciples who are able to lead and develop others…God’s people are designed to influence others….and are empowered with His Spirit to influence the world around them. They are designed to lead.”

Unfortunately, “Most churches merely exist to keep running their programs and services. They are not developing leaders intentionally and consistently,” assert Geiger and Peck. The two men set forth a practical theology of leadership, building the book around three C’s: conviction, culture, and constructs.

“Churches that consistently produce leaders have a strong conviction to develop leaders, a healthy culture for leadership development, and helpful constructs to systematically and intentionally build leaders.”

If you’re looking to establish leadership development as a core value of your church, and/or you need help building a leader pipeline, this book is a must read.

Andy Adkison, Founding pastor and pastor of preaching and vision, Immanuel Church Birmingham
Andy Adkison Founding pastor and pastor of preaching and vision, Immanuel Church Birmingham