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Marketing | Sep. 26, 2013

New Logos Don’t Fix Church Marketing Problems

Church Logos and d2design

Every now and then churches will go through a re-branding process, and they usually come to the conclusion that it’s time for a new logo. Maybe the current logo is out of date or the church doesn’t even have a logo.

After the decision is made, everyone is excited to get the process going. Then a few months later, a final logo has been chosen, and the church has a new brand.

It can be exciting.

But what does a logo really change?

For example, Yahoo recently released 30 logos over 30 days until they revealed their new logo. During this time people were actually decreasing the time they spent on Yahoo. They were confused by what was going on. A new logo ended up hurting more than it helped.

I am not writing this blog to diss logos, because I encourage each church I work with to use logos on their marketing materials. And if a church doesn’t have a logo, I will encourage them to pursue getting one.

However, I want to remind our readers that a new logo is really just that— a new logo. It may look great and give your website and print materials an updated look, but it doesn’t change the church’s personality or growth. If you are feeling “stuck,” a new logo may be part of the process of getting “un-stuck”… but it is only a small part.

So when your church considers a re-branding, or is thinking about a new logo, make sure you aren’t using the logo to avoid bigger issues.

Here are a few questions to consider before deciding to get a new logo:

  • Why do we need a new logo?
  • What is the goal of getting a new logo?
  • What do we want the logo to communicate about our church?
  • Are there other steps or processes that could help the church marketing plan as well?
  • Are there more important issues at the church we should handle first?

New logos are awesome and great. Just, please, don’t use a new logo as a band-aid.

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design