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More | Dec. 17, 2015

Trouble Getting Guests to Fill Out Response Cards?

Guest Response Cards

There is an ongoing discussion online about how to get church visitors to fill out and turn in response cards. What works? What doesn’t? Here are some ideas I’ve recently read about:

  • Use a digital response card
  • Use a loose response card rather than one attached to a bulletin
  • Have everyone complete the card at the same time
  • Enter everyone who submits a response card into a drawing for a prize
  • Avoid asking for too much information

So what’s really working? It seems like we almost have to bribe guests to fill out these cards.

I recently watched a video posted by Thom Rainer with a great idea I hadn’t heard of before: Give a donation to a local charity for every guest response card turned in.

This is so easy to do. Try it out and let us know if it works for your church!

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
  • I
    would refrain from the idea of a drawing, it’s way to gimmicky.
    Instead, have them turn their card at the Welcome Desk/Info Desk in
    exchange for a Welcome Gift. Our church has a brochure about the church
    with a CD of worship music from our band.

  • Sheepdog65

    Thanks for your article. Do you have any links to a digital response card?

    • Off hand I do not. Our company put together unique landing pages for churches to use for visitors. Adding a form to something like this would be great, I think..


      • Sheepdog65

        Thanks Sarah. Thats a great opening page.

  • Sheepdog65

    I was recently at a function hosted at the home of the Rector “headmaster’ of a top school. in his warm welcome he invited us to explore his home (100 years old) and to please SIGN THE VISITORS BOOK. CAPS to bring attention to this. I wonder why I have never been in a church meeting where they have asked us to fill in a visitors book that typically asks for all the info we require to follow up on a visitor. it is simple, warm and engaging way to ask people to interact. I think we will go for this. “if you are visiting today or if you’ve have never signed our visitors/guest book, please look for one at the info tables” No cards (only churches do this) , no raised hands.