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Marketing, Social Media | Jan. 28, 2014

What To Post On Your Church’s Facebook Page

Facebook may have been created as a way for college students to get dates, but it has grown into so much more. Now everyone, from churches to major corporations, uses Facebook to reach out to followers, allowing people to be more connected to organizations than ever.

As a church, what exactly should you be posting on your Facebook News Feed that people will find useful and interesting?

Here are some suggestions:

Sermon Notes:

I don’t mean the sermon notes in their entirety. But throughout the week, go ahead and update your News Feed with a few points from the pastor’s sermon so members can reflect on Sunday’s message.

Urgent Needs:

Social media has become one of the top ways to raise awareness (and funds) for people in need. Utilize your News Feed to gather support for urgent needs in your church and community. A lot of times, people find out about things going on in their community because of Facebook—not because they saw it on the news.

Event Announcements:

Does the church have an event taking place in the next few weeks? Spread the word by posting the information on Facebook. Of all the marketing you may do to promote an event, this may be the easiest, and it’s free.

Blog Posts:

This can go two ways. You can share blog posts from your church’s or pastor’s blog as they’re published. This is a simple way to drive traffic to your blogs. Or, if you find a good blog post by someone in the Christian blogging world, you can share it so that others can read it as well. Sharing blogs is a great way to start conversations with your followers. This is a must!

Ministry Updates:

Facebook is an easy way to keep everyone at your church updated on different ministries in your church. Does the children’s ministry need more volunteers? Did the local missions ministry see someone come to Christ last week? Post this kind of thing on Facebook. It will build comradery, and it’s also the perfect place to recruit volunteers.

Praise Reports:

Okay, so saying, “I have a praise report” is somewhat cliché for Christians, but posting good news on your church’s Facebook page is cool, and you should do it. Did someone have a baby, get married, or land a job that people have been praying about? Share this! People get a lot of bad news these days, so switch it up and post some good news.

So there are 6 things you can and should be posting. Don’t let Facebook become dormant. Use it and build up your church community.

What would you add?


Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design