When it comes to planning a direct mail campaign for your church, there are two items to consider:

  1. How can we save money?
  2. How can we see the best possible response?

Both of these questions are important, but if you focus only on cost-cutting, you may miss out on a great response to your church mailer.

One inexpensive way to see a good response is to use a larger postcard size. Yes, you can save money using the standard postcard size of 4.25×6”, but statistics show that this size gets the lowest response rate.

So how does the size of the mailer affect its response rate? Here are some statistics from the DMA:

  • Standard postcard – 2.47%
  • Direct mail regular size postcard (5×7”) – 3.45%
  • Oversize postcard (11×5.67” and larger) – 3.95%

These statistics, combined with our experience in the church mailer market, are the reason why our team recommends only sending oversize postcards.

If you are considering church direct mail, remember this: The size of your mailer DOES matter. It is worth the extra cost. Trust us (and the DMA!) on this.