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Free Stuff, Leadership, More | May. 11, 2016

A Simple Way To Build A Communications Team

communications team

I was once part of a missions team that took a short trip to a remote part of northern India. The week we were set to fly out, a large earthquake hit the area to which we were traveling. Because we were now bringing medical supplies as well as the Gospel, we were able to get access to closed-off places in the region. This caught the attention of a Christian newspaper, and they sent a reporter with us to write about the trip.

I was excited that our trip would be the focus of an article that would be read by thousands of people. When I got a copy of the story, I’ll never forget how I felt while reading the introduction. The author listed the team members’ occupations (an engineer, paramedic, law student, accounting agent, physical therapist), but didn’t mention mine at all.


I get it; someone with a marketing background isn’t generally what comes to mind for an earthquake relief team.

But this got me thinking: How can churches utilize people in their congregations with marketing and communications backgrounds?

Recruit church members with a marketing background to form a communications team.

Think about it. Marketers have the background to design promotional materials, create videos, update websites, and help with social media and blogs.

So many churches aren’t able to hire a full-time communications director or team. Recruiting volunteers to manage these tasks is a simple (and free!) way to solve that problem. Bonus: You’re also providing a way for church members to serve their local church.

While marketing peeps may not be able to do triage on a medical mission, we are good at running social media sites and reaching people through creative marketing efforts. Take advantage of us!

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design