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Marketing, Social Media | Jun. 14, 2017

Nail your social media photography with these tips

d2design church marketing social media photography

Summer brings community get-togethers, sunsets, photogenic treats – opportunities for you to take fantastic photos to share on your church’s social media account. Sharing good photos increases the likelihood your followers will engage with your content and gives a great way to convey your organization’s values.

Don’t feel like your photography skills are up to the challenge? That’s ok! We’re dishing up our favorite tips for planning good social media photo content.

When you break down the art of photography into a simple formula, it can become a bit more approachable for even the most technologically challenged. Think about taking good pictures with the following elements in mind:

Framing + composition + lighting

You know which photos are most striking while you scroll through your personal newsfeeds – try to replicate the things those accounts are doing right. Good framing, composition and lighting make for the best photos.

Here’s how:

  • Take photos using a 3×3 grid – align the main object or face along the lines or intersections for the most interesting framing. (For wide photos, shoot with the primary object centered, these can be cropped later.)
  • Think about what’s in the background of the shot as well. Keep an eye out for unsightly stuff like clutter and adjust the camera to crop it out.
  • Do exercise creativity when taking photos, but remember to capture images in such a way that upholds your overall church “brand” message.
  • Strive for consistency among shots from a single event or theme – this will help unify albums or posts.
  • When preparing for a shot, consider how this image will be used and reused. (Not simply copied and pasted, but repurposed in a fresh and engaging way.)
  • Think about the size requirements for social media posts – for example, a Facebook profile picture is square, and displays at up to 170 by 170 pixels.
  • Saving the original photo in the highest resolution possible is good practice, as you can always resize the image for future purposes.
  • Be sure to use clear, high resolution images that are easy to see on a small screen. We’d suggest limiting large group shots and instead focus on one or two people or objects with some background for context.
  • Good lighting is essential. Know how to change the settings of your camera or phone to accommodate for a range of lighting. Don’t be afraid to correct the brightness in a photo editing application, but don’t overuse filters.

Here are some of our favorite editing tools /apps:

  • Snapcode
  • VSCO
  • Aviary
  • good ol’ iphone photos app

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to pull out your iPhone camera during your next small group dinner or fundraiser, and take photos that speak to your church’s culture as its happening! You can always chose just the best one or two shots to post.  

Briana Bryant Marketing Director, d2design
Briana Bryant Marketing Director, d2design