It’s a blessing to be able to make a living helping churches with their branding and marketing. I’ve been at it for a little over 10 years now and while we have seen church marketing make great strides over the past decade many churches still have a L-O-N-G way to go. And to be honest, there are just some things that should never be found on a church website. Consider this awesome organizational chart we found on an unnamed church web site.

I don’t have a problem with organizational charts. We have one here at d2design and all of our team members understand our organizational structure. However, you can search our web site and blog and you won’t find our organizational chart. For one reason, organizational charts don’t belong on web sites (99.99% of the time they don’t anyway). Organizational charts are for insiders and insiders are pretty much the only people interested in them. Truthfully, even insiders aren’t interested in them.

But, if we’re not careful here we will miss the real issue with this chart being on a church web site. Yes, it’s ugly. Yes, it’s confusing. But the real church communication error here is that it serves no public purpose. Truth be told, there are probably a lot of things on your church web site that don’t belong there either.

Take a look through your church’s web site or maybe someone else’s and see what’s on there that just doesn’t belong. Let me know what you find. I only ask that you don’t name any churches specifically. Our goal here is to help each other communicate better – not have fun at someone else’s expense.

We’ll get the list started:

extremely long staff bios
organ music that plays on the homepage
clip art that dances