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Marketing | Jul. 15, 2015

Tips on Tracking Your Church Marketing

I’ll put this bluntly: If you don’t have a plan for tracking your church’s marketing efforts, don’t be mad when there appears to be no response.

Unless you want to generally raise awareness about your church within the community, have a strategy to track everything you do.

Here are 3 ways to track your church marketing initiatives:

Create Unique Calls-To-Action

The hardest call-to-action to track (yet the most common one we see) is “Join us for worship.” If visitors do show up, it’s rare that they fill out a visitor card. So come up with a creative call-to-action that you can track more easily. Here are some examples:
• Register for our summer camp at (insert your registration website).
• Bring this card to our bookstore and get $10 off.
• Curious about what we are all about? Email a question directly to the pastor at (insert pastor’s email).
• Have a free welcome basket full of coupons and goodies delivered to your new place. Just register at (insert church website).

Create Campaign-Specific Landing Pages

If you are sending people to your website to register, download something, or learn more, try creating unique landing pages to track website visits. A unique landing page is a URL devoted to a specific marketing piece.

Train your team to ask

We had a church call in recently after working with us on an event mailer. We were blown away when they told us the mailer had a 10% response rate! And we were impressed that they took the initiative to track. How did they do it? They trained their welcome team to ask any visitors at the event how they heard about the church– a very simple approach that worked!

If you are already investing–or considering investing–in marketing campaigns for your church, please don’t skip setting up a tracking strategy.

Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design
Sarah Blackmon Church Marketing Specialist, d2design